Pre-season Training


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By Karen Palacios-Jansen
For many, the 2009 golf season is just around the corner. Hopefully you have been working to increase your strength and flexibility over the past several months and are now ready to get prepared for the season.
If you havent been as diligent as you would have liked performing your off-season golf fitness routine, dont despair; there is still time to prepare your body for the upcoming season.
To prepare your body for the stresses that it will undergo while you play and practice more often, you should start to incorporate rotational exercises into you golf fitness routine. Focusing your attention on your midsection will help you increase the torque or twisting force your core muscles can produce.
All this month we have been featuring torso rotational exercises for you to incorporate into your golf fitness workout. Here is the final installment the torso rotational exercise routine:

Standing Russian Twists with Medicine Ball

Step 1: Stand in your golf stance.
Step 2: Hold a small medicine ball in front of chest with your arms extended or simply clasp your hands together.
Step 3: Begin by rotating the torso (upper body) to the right as far as possible. Pause at the farthest point of rotation and then return to the center and then rotate to the left.
Step 4: Return to the starting position and repeat exercise alternating side to side.
Step 5: Perform 15-25 repetitions.

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