Quick and easy warm-up drill


Injury rates for recreational golfers are at an astounding rate of more than 50% - and even higher for golfers over age of 50. Recreational golfers have typically skipped warming up before play and practice because of the misconception that golf is not a strenuous activity or because of time constraints. We are all so busy, so when we have time to play golf, we are all anxious to get out on the golf course and we end up skipping the warm up. But skipping the warm up may mean that it takes us four or five holes before we loosen up and gain our form and by that time, our score may already be ruined. If we had only spent a few minutes warming up before the first tee, we could not only avoid those big numbers on our scorecard the first few holes, but also prevent injury.

Quick and Easy Warm Up Drill

How to do it:

Step 1: Place club over shoulders behind head

Step 2: Grab at each end of club

Step 3: Assume golf posture and rotate upper body back as if you were swinging a club, shift your weight to start the downswing and follow-through to the finish as if you were actually hitting a golf ball.

Repeat the entire sequence 10 times. Start out slowly and then increase the pace as your muscles warm.

Pre-round stretch

Pre-round stretch














Pre-round stretch

Benefit to Golf Swing:

Prepare golf specific muscles of the trunk to make an aggressive move from the first tee.

Also trains body for proper sequencing of swing, while warming muscles and improving body movement.

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