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Breed’s Reads
-To mastering the belly putter there are three things you must do. Bend over the ball more at setup, put 70% of your weight on your front foot and make sure your arms are relaxed and bent.
-Here's a good tip to practice your putting indoors. Take out some toilet paper and roll it out into a straight line. Putt along the toilet paper and make sure to visualize the putter going down and through on the same line as the toilet paper. Then when you're out on the course you'll have this image of toilet paper leading you right into the hole.
-Fixing your ball marks is important out on the course. Using a tee or a divot tool, insert the tool around the perimeter of the ball mark and pull the grass towards the center. Once you have gone all around the mark use your putter to flatten out the mark. If everyone does their part, greens will be in better shape and more putts will fall.

Facebook Question (Blog Exclusive)
Q: Are there any tips for rotund or husky players (besides lose weight, har har)? I find it hard to get my arms back like many of the videos and other swing tips shown. There is a way I will ever get the club to parallel? Is a flatter swing the way to go? Help me! Also, do you have a doughnut? (Stan Makowski)

A: Try playing wth a closed stance. Drop your back foot a few inches, also don't forget to move the ball back as well. This will allow you to get around on the ball a little easier.

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