Golf Grip Tips to Avoid Mistakes


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Breed’s Reads
Avoiding Mistakes with the Driver
-Ball position is so crucial in the setup while using a driver. The correct position is just inside your lead shoulder.
-When people have a driver in hand, they feel the need to grip the club as tight as they can. Try wrapping a piece of paper around the grip and take some swings. This will loosen up your grip pressure, create a smooth swing and ensure solid contact.

Avoiding Mistakes with Irons
-Get out of the mindset that you have to lift the ball up into the air. Instead, think of the swing as energy transfer, drive the club into the ball and the loft of the club will do the rest. Use a different object, like a tennis ball or a box, and focus on driving it forward not upward.

Avoiding Mistakes with the Putter
-Make a one-handed putting stroke with your trail hand. This will show you the proper position of the putter grip in your hand.
-Find the center of the cavity on the putter and make sure you make contact with that spot on every putt.

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