Hitting Hybrids & Tips on Choosing the Right Ball


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Breed’s Reads
-In order to get your hybrids elevated you must hit down on the ball. Place a tee in front off the ball and swing through the ball and hit the tee.

-While putting, concentrate on one dimple of the golf ball that you will hit. This will ensure solid contact every time.

-Everyone has weaknesses in their game. Take the weakest part of your game, practice it on the range and turn it into a strength.

Facebook Question (Blog Exclusive)
Q: Hi Michael, I enjoy the show and try to watch it every week. My question is, how can a person tell which ball to use since there are so many to choose from? (Ron Shetley)

A: First, go see a PGA Professional, they will evaluate you and tell you which ball to use. Second, figure out which ball has the best feel for you around the green. That is where you start the evaluation process on choosing your ball.

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-Tips on controlling your distance from the sand
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