How To Become The Perfect Golfer


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Building the Perfect Golfer

Driving it like Woods
A thing I love about Tiger’s driving is his backswing. Try to move the club back with your arms and hands moving back together as one with the body. Grab a hula hoop, put yourself in it and get a feeling of rotating the hoop without changing planes. This will create a feeling of the club moving back to the inside.

Striking it like Westwood
Lee is a great ball striker. To make a great strike you need to keep the chest over the ball. Grab a swim noodle and put it against your shoulder line and make some swings. When you get to the contact position the swim noodle should be parallel with the ground.

Bunker play like McIlroy
To get sand saves like Rory you need to keep a few things in mind. You need to open up the club face, and the correct amount is having the lead edge of your club pointing to the toes in your lead foot. You need to open up your stance and swing on the plane of your stance.

Chipping it like Mickelson
To chip like Phil you need to practice like Phil. When you are practicing chipping, you need to have a spot where you want to land the ball. Place a boogie board 8 feet in front of you and try landing the ball on the boogey board and rolling across it. This will be fun and productive.

Putting like Donald
Luke does a very important thing that I completely agree with; he has his putter shaft leaning forward. This creates forward roll on the ball which is essential for distance control. I want you to look down to the ground when you are over your putt and the front of the grip should be over or in front of the golf ball.

Thinking like Rotella
Dr. Bob Rotella, author of The Unstoppable Golfer, says golf is an incredibly hard game, so when things are going well you need to be your own biggest cheerleader. When you hit great shots you need to relive them and when you hit bad shots you need instant amnesia. You are unstoppable unless you do things to stop yourself from becoming the player you want to be.

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