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Breed’s Reads
-If you are having trouble coming over the top the solution is simple. Take swings with only your trail arm. This will force the shaft of the club to get on the right plane.

-A hockey stick can help your golf game. When you hit a slap shot the body must rotate though impact to prevent the stick from stabbing you in the stomach. The same principal can be translated to golf. Grab a club and split your hands and make small swings so that body gets out of the way just like the hockey stick and slap shot. This will improve your body rotation and ultimately your golf game.

-The most important position in a golf swing is at impact. A drill to make sure your club face is square at impact is stick two tees into the ground a club head width apart. Makes swings where your club head hits both tees simultaneously. If your heel or toe is leading you will miss one of the tees.

-Got a case of the yips? Well, I’m no doctor but I do have some remedies. Try changing your grip; go to a left hand low grip or a claw grip. If the grip changes do not cure your yips, test drive a belly putter or a long putter. There is no universal remedy for the yips but I know a cure is out there for you.

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