Manage The Course With Distance Control


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Breed’s Reads
Distance control is a vital component in managing a course like Augusta National. Two keys to controlling your distance are tempo and bottoming your arc at the correct spot.

-Tempo: Grab two clubs, one in each hand, and make some practice swings. This will help you to have consistent and smooth rhythm.

-Bottoming your arc out at the right time: To make a consistent and pure strike every time, tee the ball up and make a divot in front of the ball. In order to do this you need good weight transfer, so imagine bringing your trail shoulder over your lead foot on your downswing. This will make you hit the ball first and guarantee a true yardage you can rely on.

Playing at Augusta National, you get a lot of downhill lies. When you have a downhill lie make sure your shoulders are parallel to the ground, so you need to tilt your head and weight forward so your shoulders match the slope of the ground. Also, grip down on your club and move the ball forward in your stance. The ball will flight out lower and fade.

Hitting the ball high: Play the ball further up in your stance, tilt your shoulder line back and have more of a vertical release. To practice a vertical release, place an alignment rod in front of you and swing the club to where the release of the club doesn’t hit the alignment rod.

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