Takeaways From The Masters April 9, 2012


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Breed’s Reads
Bend it like Bubba Watson (Hitting Hook Shots):
-Grip the club more closed
-Swing path needs to be in-to-out
-Rotate forearms more aggressively through the strike

Bomb it like Bubba Watson:
-To add yards to your game, create a wider arc in your backswing. To do this, separate your hands from your body as much as you can.

Consistency like Louis Oosthuizen:
-To hit it consistent, the lower body needs to start the sequence of your downswing. Try stopping at the top of your backswing and feel like you’re taking your lead hip and all lower body bumping out of the way as your upper body stays still. Bump it out three times then make your downswing. This will develop the proper sequence.

Flop it like Phil Mickelson:
-Phil uses a 64 degree wedge with minimal bounce
-Weaken your grip with your lead hand twisted towards the taget
-Keep the club face open through contact
-Get your lead shoulder out of the way early and swing hard!!!

Viewer Question (Facebook Exclusive)
Q: I'm left-handed and periodically double-hit short chip shots. Does it indicate a flaw in my technique? (Tim McAloon)

A: The club face is too shut at address. Setup with the club face a little more open. That should help.

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