Golf Guy Grill Room


From a special visit from Sandra Gal, to the top sporting events in the USA, enjoy this edition of the Golf Guy Grill Room.

Happy Hour Special Guest - Sandra Gal

German-born LPGA star Sandra Gal was kind enough to answer unimportant Golf Guy questions – which are the kind the Grill Room wants answered:

Favorite meal: Pasta with tomatoes, garlic and basil (where's the meat?)

Funniest player on tour: Minea Blomqvist (judging by her name alone, she sounds pretty funny)

Favorite all-time movie: James Bond films (does that make her a Bond Gal?)

Favorite band or singer: Adele (female power!)

Favorite thing about playing golf: Hitting shots under pressure (I would go with 'doing shots’ under no pressure)

Gal, 26, won her first LPGA title in 2011 at the Kia Classic with a birdie on the 72nd hole. She is ranked 39th in the Rolex Women's World Rankings. Hobbies include painting, dancing, wakeboarding and ... playing the violin?

(Thanks to my friends on ‘Morning Drive’ for forcing Sandra to answer my questions)

March Madness?

Yes, March Madness has the catchy name and often lives up to its billing. And yes, it lasts for three wonderful weeks. But where does the Golf Guy rank it amongst all the big sporting events that come during a year? Here's my top-5 list:

1. NBA playoffs: Great playoff intensity for two months with the world's best athletes.

2. The Masters: From the Champions Dinner early in the week to the presentation of the green jacket late Sunday afternoon – golfing heaven.

3. Super Bowl: Although America's No. 1 sports day is not always so super, I love it when the entire country rallies around an event by ordering millions of pizzas and throwing millions of pounds of meat on the grill.

4. March Madness: Knowing how much beer is being consumed on college campuses across the USA gets me giddy. Oh, and the buzzer-beaters are great, too.

5. The Kentucky Derby: The Run for the Roses. The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports. I flat-out love the Derby. Sadly, these two minutes represent only 1/262,800th of my year. I wish it was known as The Most Exciting Three Hours in Sports. Granted, that would make it a much slower race.

Would You Rather ...

This was always one of our favorite games to play in college. Yes, it always took a very disgusting, inappropriate turn, but fun nonetheless. So in this version, I will keep it clean and focused on golf:

Which would you rather ... Win one Masters title (with the awesome perk of getting to go back every year), OR win a U.S. Open, an Open Championship and a PGA Championship title?

Me? I take the Masters win.