Develop a level of consistency with your golf game


Having taught more than 4,000 golf lessons so far in my career, I’ve heard it said 4,000 times by my students, “I just want to be more consistent.”

Golf is the ultimate game of consistency and having it can make all the difference in the world, not just for Tour players, but for the average golfer who is trying to break 90 for the first time.

So why is it that we struggle with consistency? Why is it that we can birdie a hole, and then the next day, make a double bogey on the same hole?

Here are a few ideas that you can follow to help make your golf game more consistent.

The most important aspect of building a repeatable, consistent golf swing is that you have solid fundamentals. You see a lot of different swings on tour, but when it comes to fundamentals, such as grip, aim, balance and posture, there are few differences from player to player.

Although some players may differ slightly on these fundamentals, the one thing that makes them consistent is that they don’t change. Get with a PGA professional and make sure your fundamentals are right for you, and then stick with them. For example, if you grip the club differently from swing to swing, you’re going to get inconsistent results.

Playing 18 holes of golf is more physically taxing than it seems. How many times have you had a great round going only to have it fall apart with a few holes to play? If that happens to you regularly, then chances are your fitness level could be to blame.

If you really want to get better, find your nearest TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) certified instructor and get started with a fitness plan that will get you into shape.

However, there are also a few things that you can do before and during your round to make sure you’re able to keep your energy level up for 18 holes:

• Eat a well-balanced meal before you play, and keep healthy snacks with you on the course.

• Get hydrated before you play by drinking plenty of water the night before a big round and keep water with you at all times as you play.

If you feel yourself getting hungry or thirsty during a round, it’s too late because your body has to play catch up. Hunger or thirst is also distracting and takes some of your focus away from being able to play your game.

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