Find the center of the face to improve ball-striking


Camilo Villegas won his fourth PGA Tour title on Sunday. (Getty)

Camilo Villegas found the winner’s circle for the first time in four years Sunday, claiming a one-shot victory over Bill Haas and Freddie Jacobson in the Wyndham Championship at Sedgefield Country Club.

Villegas’ ball-striking over the four rounds seemed to make the biggest difference en route to victory.

He would finish in the top 10 in both driving accuracy and greens hit in regulation; not bad for a guy who routinely hits it 300-plus yards off the tee.

One key ingredient required to be a good ball-striker is the ability to hit the ball in the center of the clubface more often than not.

Here are some tips to help you find the sweet spot more often:

Fundamentals at address. A good golf swing always starts with good fundamentals before the swing. Grip, aim, stance and posture are the main fundamentals to focus on before you swing. If you are unsure about one or more of those fundamentals, find a PGA professional who teaches in your area and learn to practice those fundamentals the right way.

Start small. Most players who miss the center of the clubface can be accused of over-swinging. It’s easy to watch the club to see how far it goes back, but more importantly you should note how far your upper and lower body turn in the backswing. A great drill is to put your feet together to reduce lower-body rotation. Make smaller swings this way and focus on hitting the center of the clubface.

Stay connected. If your arms move away from your body during the swing, usually from a lack of body rotation through impact, it is difficult to hit the center of the clubface. Take a small towel and place it under your left arm (for a right-handed player). Using a short iron and only a 50-percent swing, hit balls from a tee without dropping the towel. By keeping the towel under your arm you should start finding it easier to hit the center of the clubface.

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