Forget your score and mix it up to get out of a funk


The nature of golf dictates that it will never be mastered.

I am sure that is what makes it the best game ever created; the fact that every single round played could have been that tiny bit better.

Of course, if you want to make sure that you do not get beaten up by this game, you have to take joy in great shots and all of the fantastic experiences out on the course.

However, if you’re not currently improving, what can you do about it?

You may want to consider taking a few coaching sessions, but here are some ways to smash out of that slump and enjoy your game more.

 Play A Shorter Course: Maybe, just for fun, go out and play your regular golf course but go forward a set of tees, or maybe even two. You may find that you are able to get close to some par-4 greens with your drive or have a short iron into the often treacherous par-4s. I often see people with a particular scoring hurdle that they just can’t get over feel a lot more comfortable after a round or two of this. They see their scores drop and it makes them believe this is possible. This belief carries over, even when they go back to the regular length course.

 Mix It Up: The 12th hole at your course ... it is always a driver from the tee, right? Why? Is it because it ALWAYS has been? If you are in a little slump, something needs to change. Try mixing up the clubs you hit; maybe play a bit more aggressive and hit driver off a tee when you normally wouldn’t. On that extremely tight par-5, hit your 4-iron and play it like the par 5 that it is. Chances are, the stroke index of the hole means that the real par for you on the hole is six anyway. Try to figure out some different ways to play familiar holes and see what it does for your enjoyment levels and also your scorecard.

 Lose The Scorecard: I challenge you to go out and play your next round of golf with no focus at all on the score you have, just on making sure you enjoy the game. Think back to a stressful situation where you were being marked or judged on what you do. For me, that would include my driving test! Knowing that someone was sitting there judging me wasn’t the greatest feeling and didn’t help me achieve the best possible performance. The next time you play, adopt the mentality of just going out to enjoy a round. You may be pleasantly surprised by the effect it has on your level of play.

From experience, I know these ideas can help you smash out of a lull in performance. Good luck and get playing your best golf again soon.

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