Get back to the basics during the winter months


Regardless of where you live, winter is not the time to stop working on your golf game.

In fact, if you get back to basics this winter, your game will be better in 2013!

Here are three basic things you can work on in the comfort of your own home this winter:

1. Perfect your grip: Take any club and keep it near your favorite room in your home. Get in the habit of checking your grip in your spare time. Practice holding the club with medium pressure. Notice that I said hold the club, don't grip it. Use pressure that is less than five on a scale from 1-10. Perfect your grip and you will play better golf.

2. Use a mirror to check your positions: Check your setup, top-of-swing, impact and finish positions in a mirror. Use images of your favorite pro as a model. Good images can really help your golf swing even without a golf ball.

3. Hit the treadmill: Make a point of walking or jogging indoors this winter. Go with a friend, spouse or family member. Keeping in shape and staying active is key in the offseason.

Try this simple tips in the coming weeks and months and your game will benefit when you get back out on the course.

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