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Everybody wants to add yards to their shots and there is no doubt that becoming stronger, more flexible and improving your kinematic sequence will maximize your distance. However, most players need to learn how to use their hands, wrists and arms properly before they try to use too much body. Knowing that a draw goes farther than a fade, here are four tips to help you draw the golf ball:

1. Make sure to get the correct top hand grip. It should not be in the palms or the fingers. The grip should go through the trigger finger and down through the heel pad of the glove. The wrist needs to hinge as if you were using a hammer.

2. To create an inside path at the setup, you must get your right side tilted a bit. Slide the right hand down your leg to the right knee before gripping the club and start from that position.

3. For distance you have to have clubhead speed. From your backswing to your follow-through, go thumbs up to thumbs up. This means in the backswing when your lead forearm is parallel to the ground your thumbs should be pointed up, and in the follow-through when your trail arm is parallel to the ground your thumbs should be pointed up.

4. In your backswing, make an imaginary box between your right forearm and upper arm, and in your follow-through have a box from your left forearm to upper arm. At the end of the backswing, you want to have the box by hinging or folder. Same goes for the follow through.

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Martin’s Library: “Power Golf”” by Ian Woosnam

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Homework Assignment:

• Educate your golfing hands.

• Learn to draw the ball to get longer.

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