Martin's Blog: Get dialed in with your wedges


Here are some effective ways that you can get dialed in with your wedge game:

Distance control: Put a basket at different distances and try to hit balls into them. Start at the first basket and gradually go further then come back to the closest basket. You also need a consistent tempo throughout the whole swing. You don't want to have a slow backswing and a fast downswing. Try to swing to your name if your first name is about the same amount of syllables as your last name. If not, try swinging to 'Luke Donald,' who is one of the top wedges players in the game. 'Luke' would be the backswing and 'Donald' is the downswing through impact. Your backswing should be the same amount of time as your downswing and this will help you to create consistent contact.

Pitch Shot Trajectory: A forward press will shut the clubface down and cause a low shot, while laying the club handle back will cause a high shot. You can put a magnetic rod on your club and it will show you the trajectory the ball will have coming off the club based on how you’re holding the club. This will help you visualize and understand how the ball will react. For a low chip shot, the left hand never breaks down. To practice how your wrist should be positioned throughout the chip shot try chipping with only your left hand on the club, keeping the back of your hand facing the target. This helps keep your wrist from breaking down and your hands forward throughout the shot.

Chipping: Practice swinging with your elbows pointing at your hips throughout the entire swing. This will keep everything in unison and keep you swinging around your body.

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