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Fairways and greens; it’s a good player’s mantra. Players who hit a lot of fairways and greens hit the ball fairly straight. And to do that, you have to understand the two circles, the one that the shaft makes and the one that the toe of the club makes:

Big Circle: The shaft has to move in a tilted circle. A plane board or PVC piping circle should be used to get the shaft moving on the correct plane. It’s also important that the hips and shoulders are moving properly in the swing.

Little Circle: Use a hockey stick to teach getting the face square. Having the toe of the club, or hockey stick, in the air at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock gives you the best chance. The big secret is learning to do this without changing your grip pressure. Take an empty water bottle and take practice swings without squashing the plastic.

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Martin’s Library: “Play Golf the Wright Way” by Mickey Wright

Many golf experts believe that Mickey Wright had one of the greatest golf swings in the history of the game. She shared some of her secrets in “Play Golf the Wright Way” and in this video segment Martin further explores four of her key ideas. Watch Video

Homework Assignment:

• Think about the two circles.

• Keep your radius, not your triangle.

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