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Wind affects all of your shots, including putts. Different directions of wind affect your ball differently. Here is a quick summary of how to play the different wind directions:

• Into the wind: 'Into the breeze swing with ease.' Golfers tend to overswing when hitting the ball into the wind so make sure to have a good, smooth tempo. Also put the ball back in your stance a bit, move the weight to your front foot a bit, abbreviate your finish and take more club.

• Downwind: Take less club, hold the club lighter and stay behind the ball. This will flight the ball very high so it can just ride the wind and get maximum distance.

• Crosswinds: When hitting in crosswinds it depends if accuracy or distance is more important. If it is accuracy, work the ball in the opposite direction that the wind is moving. If distance is more important, work the ball in the same direction as the wind and have the ball ride the breeze.

• In heavy winds, a Tiger Woods stinger is very useful. To hit a stinger you must de-loft the club and move your hands forward. Move the ball back in the stance, abbreviate your finish and make sure you swing through the ball.

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