Martin's Blog: Tips for releasing the club properly


Martin’s CliffsNotes:

• Release is how you speed up and square up the club into the ball. It influences distance and direction, making it very important. Improve your release by looking at how you create angles in the backswing. Then transport those angles into the downswing and straighten out the angles at and just after impact.

Adam Scott is a player who hits the ball a mile and part of the reason is his great release. To release the club like Scott, make sure to first focus on pointing the thumbs at the target. Second, you need to lead with the lower body. Third, make sure you have a good shaft extension to right field. And finally, it helps to have a high finish.

• It’s Healthy Week at NBCUniversal and maintaining good fitness and flexibility is especially important in the game of golf. No matter what your skill level or age, you should always stretch before the round. Numerous professionals have said if they only have a few minutes to warm up before a round, they’d use it to stretch rather than hit balls. It also helps to avoid unhealthy foods and drinks high in sugar or caffeine before and during your round.

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Martin’s Library: “Swing The Handle - Not The Clubhead” by Eddie Merrins

Martin examines four key thoughts from Eddie Merrins’ book “Swing The Handle - Not The Clubhead,” with the intent being to help you release the club better and create more speed in your golf swing. Watch Video

Homework Assignment:

• Remember to Create, Transport and Straighten Angles

• Videotape Your Swing for the Best Feedback

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