Ride a hot putter to the winner's circle like English


The PGA Tour took its show south of the border this past weekend to conduct the OHL Classic at Mayakoba in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Harris English took the title with a blistering performance on the greens for the week. He finished at 21 under par, which was four shots clear of runner-up Brian Stuard.

To win on the PGA Tour, or win at any level, it makes things much easier to have a hot putter.

English finished first in the field in the coveted PGA Tour stat of putts per green in regulation, averaging only 1.582 putts. Combine that number with hitting 76.39 percent of the greens in regulation and chances are you're going to win.

For many golfers across the country the weather has started to turn, making it very difficult to get out and play, let alone go practice your putting.

The good news is that you can follow these few tips and keep your putting going strong until spring arrives:

• Set up a place to practice at home. Putting mats are inexpensive and also very easy to fit in any room. I recommend getting one that has lines for alignment and the ability to practice from a couple different distances.

• Focus on fundamentals. Setup and posture tend to change often for most players, so when you practice make sure you’re spending extra time double checking your fundamentals. I enjoy using a mirror to check posture and eye alignment for every putt.

• Maintain your stroke. Once you’re in a fundamentally sound posture, turn your attention to making a good putting stroke. Some tools you can use are a metronome to maintain good tempo, a putting rail (cardboard box just outside the toe of the putter works great too) to maintain proper path, and/or impact tape to make sure the ball is hitting the sweet spot every time.

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