SwingFix analysis: Driving the ball more effectively


Driving the ball well is a must for any golfer who wants to play at a high level, and that means maximizing power and accuracy.

Jose has been having trouble with his driver, hitting shots that typically were low and to the right, so he sought out help from SwingFix teaching pro and PGA Master of Instruction Alison Curdt for some help.

In this video segment, Curdt uses Tom Watson’s swing to show Jose where he’s going wrong, and it all starts with making a better turn behind the golf ball, which is imperative when it comes to creating an impact position that will allow you to optimize your launch angle with the driver.

If you’re having trouble hitting your driver as well as you’d like, check out this swing analysis, as there could be some tips in this video to help you out.

And if you’d like to have your swing professionally analyzed by Alison Curdt, click here.