SwingFix analysis: Stability is the key to more power


Every golfer wants to generate power with their swing and one of the key ingredients to creating more power is stability.

Many amateurs, however, have too much excess body movement in their swing. While that might feel powerful, the end result is usually a loss of stability, which leads to poor balance, posture issues and inconsistent contact.

Randy is dealing with some of these aforementioned issues in his swing, and in this video analysis SwingFix and Golf Magazine top 100 instructor Mike Davis uses the great Gary Player as a model to show Randy some of the mistakes he’s making.

Player, of course, owns one of the great records in the history of the game, and he was able to accomplish so much because the stability in his golf swing allowed him to create power that far exceeded his diminutive size.

Take a look at this swing analysis and it’s a good bet that you’ll pick up a few tips that will enable to build a more stable golf swing, which in turn will lead to improved ball-striking.

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