Take your game up a notch with better ball-striking


Martin Kaymer went wire-to-wire to claim the U.S. Open on Sunday by a whopping eight shots on Donald Ross' Pinehurst No. 2.

Seemingly playing a different golf course than everybody else, Kaymer put on a clinic for great ball-striking and avoiding the big mistakes that lurk in every U.S. Open.

During his final round, Kaymer continued to use superior ball-striking to shoot 69 and cruise to an easy victory.

To get your golf game to the next level, you will need to improve how you hit the ball.

Here are some tips to help you enhance your ball-striking, which will result in longer and straighter shots:

Master pre-swing fundamentals. You can forget about striking the golf ball with any consistency if you neglect your fundamentals. Begin with your grip then check alignment and posture. The best players in the world are constantly having their fundamentals checked by their coaches, and chances are you will need yours checked, too.

Know your backswing. It’s true that you don’t hit the ball with your backswing, but too many players sabotage their chances for success with a backswing that is too long or out of control. Start with knowing the length of your backswing. If you have difficulty hitting solid shots, try shortening your swing until you can hit solid shots more frequently. Over time you may be able to gradually increase the length of your backswing as your skills improve.

Swing in balance. Being able to maintain balance is an effective way to hit solid, consistent golf shots. If you struggle with balance, it could be due to the rhythm and/or tempo of your swing. A great drill is to practice hitting balls standing on one leg (try using the right and left leg only) and maintain your balance through the finish. You will have to improve your rhythm and tempo to stand a chance of keeping your balance while standing on one leg.

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