Tip of the Week: Adjust your grip to hole more putts


Long putters, belly putters, oversized grips, the claw, the saw, cross-handed, etc. The methods being used by golfers these days in an effort to putt better is endless.

In some ways, that’s a source of confusion for eight-time PGA Tour winner Brad Faxon.

According to Faxon, putting is all about feel, and to achieve better feel on the greens what needs to be priority No. 1 is gripping the putter, regardless of its style or your grip choice, in the fingers.

And Faxon knows of what he speaks, as he was always considered one of the best putters in the history of the game.

So get out on the practice green and get the putter in your fingers, and you just might find some immediate improvement in your results.

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