Tip of the Week: Learn to accelerate your putter


When it comes to putting, one of the most common misses you see among golfers of all ability levels is a putt that finishes short of the hole and is breaking on the low side of the cup.

This miss is usually caused by a deceleration of the putter through impact, an issue that cripples a golfer's chances to hit putts solidly and keep them on line.

To fix this problem, you have to learn to accelerate the putter through impact, and in this video segment, recent Senior PGA Championship winner Colin Montgomerie has a great drill to help you create the acceleration you need.

So try looking at the hole when you practice your putting, or even when you play - like phenom Jordan Spieth does on the short ones.

You'll keep the putter moving down the line longer and the result will be more holed putts.

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