Tip of the Week: Make lag putting a practice priority


With immense undulation and incredible speed, the greens at Augusta National are nothing short of treacherous.

To have success at the Masters this week, one skill that the players in the field will have to display is the ability to lag the ball close to the hole on lengthy putts.

While the average golfer might not face green complexes of this difficulty where they play, they will face long putts throughout the course of a round, including some that will break a lot and be especially quick, or slow, depending on the slope of the green.

But as Michael Breed, host of The Golf Fix, suggests in this video segment, the average golfer doesn't practice their lag putting enough, which is a mistake that he wants to help remedy.

If you spend some time on the putting green and put the concepts Breed discusses into action, you'll lag the ball better, reduce your number of 3-putts and lower your scores.

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