Tip of the Week: Utilize the one-piece takeaway


Building a fundamentally sound and repeatable golf swing isn’t an easy task, but in addition to getting set up properly, having a good takeaway is a great start.

For many average golfers, however, the mistakes they make in the early stages of their swing leaves them in need of compensation moves to get the club into a solid position at impact, which will make it difficult to enjoy any level of consistency.

In this video segment, LPGA Hall of Famer Annika Sorenstam has some advice to help you improve your takeaway, and the key is to get everything - hands, arms, shoulders and club - working away from the ball together.

Sorenstam was as consistent as any player in professional golf in her prime, so when she says a one-piece takeaway will benefit your game, it’s probably time to give this a try on the practice range.

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