Tips for adding more distance to your tee shots


Just about every golfer who steps on my lesson tee makes at least one comment about wanting to hit it farther off of the tee.

Charlie Beljan went from outside the top 125 on the PGA Tour money list to claiming his first career victory in the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic on Sunday by using his length to his advantage.

We all know it takes a well-rounded game to win on the PGA Tour, but Beljan used his driving distance to set himself apart from the rest of the field and claim the win. In fact, he led the field in driving distance by averaging an impressive 307.4 yards off the tee.

Are you looking for more distance? If so, follow these tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your driver:

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Maximize your clubhead speed: One of the best ways to gain speed is to practice swinging faster. You can expedite this process by finding something light that you can swing fast. A great drill is to make practice swings holding the opposite end of the club. The louder the “whoosh” when you swing, the faster the club was moving.

Reduce spin: You’ll know if you have too much spin if the ball climbs too high and lands with little to no roll. Proper equipment is one way you can reduce spin, but that will require you to spend time with a professional club fitter. If you’ve already done this and you still have too much spin, try this. Tilt your head behind the ball at address and try to hit up on it through impact. When you hit down on the ball you create more spin. Simply try staying behind the ball and hit the ball on the upswing.

Learn to hit a draw: A draw (for a right-handed golfer) will begin slightly right and curve left back to the target. The impact conditions you create by hitting a draw can help you maximize your distance. You don’t necessarily have to play a draw, but you must know how to hit one if you’re ever going to hit the ball far.

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