Use a waggle to reduce tension the way Dufner does


Jason Dufner kept his drives down the middle and his approach shots on the greens at Oak Hill to cap off a thrilling victory in the year’s final major.

Claiming the 2013 PGA Championship clearly solidifies Dufner as one of the elite golfers in the world.

With his long hair and laid-back style on the course, Dufner was one cool customer en route to winning the Wanamaker Trophy.

Dufner is also known for his long, pronounced waggle before every full swing. His waggle has been praised and criticized by many, but in my opinion it plays a crucial role in his success.

A waggle can be defined as any movement made before the swing to reduce tension in your body. As we all know, tension can be a killer in any golf swing, so having a waggle (of some kind) is important to creating consistent swings.

Here are a few tips to help you reduce tension in your swing:

• Use a waggle. There are many different ways to waggle the club before you swing. Dufner’s method is a big waggle that is repeated as many as 10 times before he actually swings. Any method you choose is fine as long as you can feel the tension escaping your body.

• Avoid freezing over the ball. Many amateur golfers tend to freeze over the ball before they swing. Just like a free throw in basketball begins with a slight bend in the knees, the golf swing needs an igniter. Any time you freeze over the ball, tension creeps in and makes it difficult to repeat your swing.

• Monitor your grip pressure. The waggle is a great way to maintain a proper grip pressure. When your grip pressure is too tight, your wrists become locked and immobile. Another great test for grip pressure is to take your grip, hold the club in front of you parallel to the ground and make circles with the clubhead using only your wrists. As long as the club stays securely in your hands (no slipping) and you can make the circles, then you have the proper grip pressure.

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