Video: Make more solid contact with your driver


Off-center contact is pretty typical for amateur golfers. While scratch players and pros wear little dime-sized circles in the sweet-spots of their clubfaces, amateurs tend wear out the entire face, alternating heel and toe contact. When they do hit one in the sweet spot, however, the ball typically goes much farther than usual.

It's especially important to hit the sweet spot with the driver, especially important and often difficult given that it's the longest club in your bag. Once set up and tempo are accounted for, you can still mis-hit your driver and lose a ton of distance, and often the root of this poor contact is a lack of focus.

In this video segment, Michael Breed, host of The Golf Fix, explains a mental drill for focusing on the back of the ball while teeing off. He tells you to imagine a tee sticking out of the back of the ball, and then to imagine yourself driving that tee into the back of the ball, like driving a nail into wood with a hammer.

Big Break Atlantis alum Shannon Fish then demonstrates the effectiveness of the drill, as she smokes one down the fairway.

Work on this drill, and you will soon be doing the same.

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