Video: Make your decisions before it's time to play


It's often said that golf is a game played primarily in the six inches between your ears. How many times have you stood over a shot, second-guessing your club, your alignment, your grip, your taste in golf shirts, or wondering where the drink cart is?

And how do those shots usually turn out? Chances are, not very well.

In this video tip, Annika Sorenstam is at her eponymous ANNIKA Academy, describing a mental tactic in which she partitions off a 'Think Box' and a 'Play Box.'

The idea is simple: When you’re standing in the Think Box, you do your thinking, deciding, planning, and visualizing. When you're standing in the Play Box, you take your stance and hit your shot. Period. No thinking in the Play Box.

This might take some practice, but if you can take it from the range to the course, maybe you'll have more success navigating those tricky six inches between your ears.

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