Weekly Fix: Address position and shoulder turn plane


Hi, I’m Tim Cooke, and welcome back to Weekly Fix, where each week here on GolfChannel.com we’ll be analyzing your swings in hopes of helping you play better golf.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at Michael’s golf swing.

Michael is a talented young junior and he has a lot of great things going on in his swing, things that I look for from the top young players who come to our GOLFPREP Junior Academy.

In Michael’s case, as we’ll discuss in this week’s video, a couple of minor setup changes and a steeper shoulder plane in the backswing should allow him to play even better golf than the high level that I expect he plays at now.

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In summary, the tips I would suggest that everyone take away from this week’s analysis would include the following:

• When you start your downswing, if you can feel that your pressure moves down and forward, which is an athletic move, you will have the opportunity to create a lot of speed and power in your golf swing.

• At setup, you always want to feel as though your arms hang down naturally and that you're not reaching for the golf ball. If the butt end of the club is pointing at your belt line, you're probably in pretty good shape.

• If you have excess body rotation in your takeaway, you likely have a shoulder turn that's too flat, which can lead to a swing path that's too much from in to out. If so, try to steepen the pitch of your shoulder turn in the backswing, and you'll be able to keep the club more in front of you coming down and be in better position at impact.

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending us those videos at WeeklyFix@GolfChannel.com, and we’ll be back with a new edition next week right here at GolfChannel.com.

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