Arnie TV Schedule Air Times


Arnie, a three-night television event paying tribute to Arnold Palmer, one of the most beloved figures in sports history.

Golf Channel pays tribute to the life and legacy of Arnold Palmer, one of the most beloved figures in sports history. More than 100 notable personalities will share their experiences with Palmer in a three-night event, ARNIE, premiering Sunday at 10PM ET and continuing through Tuesday.
ARNIE will showcase how the golfing legend revolutionized and transcended the game of golf. You’ll get to know Arnie from his early childhood through his amateur and professional golf careers, his various off-the-course enterprises to the legacy he left in his wake.

Golf’s iconic legends, family, business partners, colorful personalities and two U.S. Presidents will recount the great stories that created the cultural phenomenon around the man affectionately known as “The King”. Some of the people that will share their experiences with Arnie are Hall of Famers Jack Nicklaus, Nancy Lopez, Lee Trevino, Phil Mickelson as well as U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Also included is actor Kurt Russell, NFL star Peyton Manning, Major League Baseball icon Joe Torre and many more.

Actor and producer Tom Selleck, star of more than 50 film and television roles will narrate the three-part documentary film.

Do you have a favorite Arnie story? Have you met “The King” himself? Share your stories, photos, videos and memories about “The King” on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter by using the hashtag #Arnie. Your submission could be featured on Golf Channel. Check out some of the great stories about Arnold Palmer right now.

Be sure to tune in to ARNIE, this Sunday through Tuesday at 10PM ET each night.