Big Break Greenbrier Preview Show Tonight


Tonight is your chance to get a sneak peek and see what is in store for the men who will be competing in the 18th season of Big Break Greenbrier. Hosts Tom Abbott and Stephanie Sparks will give you a glimpse into the lives of the twelve competitors who travel to the historic Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia to battle it out for the chance to play in next year’s Greenbrier Resort tournament and for over $80,00 in cash and prizes.

To get ready for tonight’s preview show at 9PM ET, read a producer’s blog that sets up the season and gives you some insider stats and information on all the players, check out photos of all the players and hosts, plus watch videos bios of all the players.

Tune in tonight for the Big Break Greenbrier show at 9PM ET.

Big Break Greenbrier hits the airwaves on Oct 2 at 9PM ET.  See who has what it takes to keep their dream alive. Tune in every Tuesday at 9PM ET to find out.