Meet the Ladies of Big Break Atlantis


Big Break is back and better than ever! Big Break Atlantis will showcase the golf skills and fiery competition of 12 ladies who travel to the Bahamas to face the toughest golf competition of their lives.  All these ladies have one goal in mind, to play on the LPGA Tour.  

Learn more about the ladies of Big Break Atlantis by checking out the microsite.  Find out how they got their start in golf, what motivates them to play, who their favorite players are, what stage they are at with their golf game and much more.  Plus, watch a behind-the-scenes video of the ladies sharing what they are listening to on their MP3 player while practicing golf.  If that is not enough, check out great behind-the-scenes shots of the ladies while they filmed Big Break at the Atlantis Resort.  

Get a sneak peek into what is in store for this season of Big Break Atlantis with a “Special Preview” show on Monday, April 30 at 9PM ET.  

Big Break Atlantis hits the airwaves on May 14 at 9PM ET.  Will the ladies sink or swim? Tune in every Monday at 9PM ET to find out.