Top 5 things to see at the Tavistock Cup



1.  Real Men Wear Pink

Either that, or they're fans of Team Albany at the Tavistock Cup.

Tavistock Cup 2012 

2.  Just Another Day At The Office

Beer, check. Cigar, check. Standing with both in the middle of the fairway 5 feet behind Adam Scott, check.

Tavistock Cup 2012

3.  On The Tee…

The #1 reason to watch the Tavistock Cup: David Feherty's hilarious 1st tee introductions. Watch a few of the introductions now! 

On Tiger Woods: 'Others arrived in a helicopter, he arrived in an ambulance'

On Charles Howell III: 'He's the only player with five L's in his last name'


Tavistock Cup 2012 

4. Drink Break
'Ah, how about we stand here and finish our drinks... In the middle of the 18th fairway'

'Do you think they'll ask us to move when Tiger and Bubba come through?'

Tavistock Cup 2012

5. Making a Fashion Statement
John Daly is not here. But his clothes and fans are.

Tavistock Cup 2012 

Watch Tavistock coverage on Golf Channel to see if Tiger and Team Albany can knock off the defending champs of Lake Nona.