Watch Gainey Before He Got His Big Break


Golf fans first got to know Tommy Gainey when he participated in the Golf Channel original series Big Break.  Gainey was lucky and talented enough to participate in two Big Break seasons and walk away with the Big Break title from one of the seasons.  On the heels of Gainey’s first PGA TOUR victory this past weekend, Golf Channel will re-air past episodes from his participation in Big Break IV: USA vs. Europe and Big Break VII: Reunion, the season where Gainey won! The shows will air Tuesday starting at 4PM ET and Wednesday starting at 8PM ET.

Check out one of the episodes from Big Break IV: USA vs. Europe in its entirety.  This episode highlights Gainey executing an unconventional bogey that featured a ricochet off of a van and a complete miss from the rough to stay alive on the series.

Also watch the entire finale episode of Big Break VII: Reunion show where Gainey defeated Ashley Gomes in a nine-hole matched to be crowned Big Break champion