A Beautiful Mind for Kerr


PITTSFORD, N.Y. – Call her eclectic.

Cristie Kerr can find help for her game in the most unexpected places.

She’s found some in the mind of one of the world’s most famous paranoid schizophrenics.

John Forbes Nash Jr., the Nobel Prize winning economist and mathematician, provided her some psychological firepower in 'A Beautiful Mind,' the movie about Nash’s life.

Kerr explained after she struggled to hit fairways Friday at the LPGA Championship and still built a commanding five-shot lead: “There are things in [Nash’s] mind that are real to him but aren't actually real. When I have a bad thought, and it happens, or when I feel unconfident, I just go back to that 'Beautiful Mind' movie. That's one my favorite movies, because he chose not to acknowledge. He had difficulty in the beginning but he chose not to acknowledge and have the thoughts be harmful to him, and he was able to go on and lead his life.

“I feel like, if I just keep that in my mind, those thoughts, those bad thoughts where I'm going to hit it right, or I'm going to hit it left, or I'm not going to hit the fairway here, not make a putt, or whatever, it won't have as much power over me and I think you are seeing the results of that.

“I don't have a Nobel Peace Prize, though.”