A compelling trio


OAKMONT, Pa. – Ai Miyazato, Jiyai Shin and Michelle Wie made for a compelling trio off the 10th tee at 7:33 this morning.

Wie pounded a 3-wood 50 yards past Miyazato and Shin at their first hole. Miyazato and Shin both hit drivers but pulled them left in the rough.

Though Wie hit the green in regulation, she three putted from 18 feet for bogey. She missed a 3-footer for par.

Wie's high fade gives her an advantage into these difficult greens, but her putting will be supremely tested. It is why she is not among the favorites here. These greens, though, present her an opportunity to dramatically change the way observers view her putting.

Miyazato also made bogey to start with Shin getting up and down for par.