A river runs through it


FARMINGDALE, N.Y. – I just made my way back into the media center – no, make that splashed – after Tiger-watching and had a chance to see several of the greens. My report is not good, I'm afraid.

Both the 12th and 13th greens had rivers running through them and there was quite a bit of water on the top tier on No. 18.

The worst of the greens was No. 2, which was flooded less than 30 minutes after they suspended play at 10:16 a.m. This is the same green they had to squeegee off earlier this morning before the first group even arrived there.

The 13th fairway was also a mess; I could count more than 20 puddles inside 50 yards of the green.
Hmm... I wonder if the merchandise tent is selling galoshes…