A Rose ready to bloom


JERSEY CITY, N.J. – I am standing on the driving range at Liberty National looking at the Statue of Liberty. Very cool.

It’s about 1,000 yards from the 18th hole to Ellis Island, a par 8 to the world's best 19th hole. Of course, it is all carry over the Hudson River. It is a great opportunity to cover an event like this and with just 125 players here, it is an even better opportunity to play in it.

That is why I give Justin Rose all credit in the world, who played great last week in Greensboro to get into the top 100. But he is not just thinking small, concerned only about extending his season one or two extra weeks. No, he is thinking about winning the FedEx Cup.

'One win this week is equivalent to five wins [in FedEx Cup points] in the regular season,” he said. “That makes me think if I start timing my run over the next four weeks, anything is possible.'

Love that attitude. The points are set up so it is possible for anyone to win. Tiger Woods knows that. That's why he is playing this week, isn't it?

And Justin Rose knows that if he plays better than Tiger or anyone else over the next month, he can win that big silver cup.

Anything is possible. Isn't that what the folks who saw Lady Liberty welcome them to America believed as well?