Course knowledge: Sunday setup for AAC


JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Numbers might deceive today at the PGA Championship.

The scorecard says the Atlanta Athletic Club will be playing shorter than it’s played all week at 7,236 yards. That’s 121 yards shorter than it played in the opening round, but that's mostly due to the fact that the sixth tee has been moved way up to 289 yards, making it a drive-able par 4. That’s 143 yards shorter than the sixth hole played on Saturday.

The back nine is set up to present the leaders another stiff test.

The 15th hole will play with the tees back, making it a monster par 3 at 259 yards.

The tees are up at the 18th hole, but don’t be deceived. Players say that hole’s tougher with the tees up because the landing area with the driver narrows. The hole has been set up at 471 yards for Sunday, 36 yards shorter than listed at week’s start. The pin is cut front-left, just over the water’s edge.

The 17th tees are up, making it a 160-yard par 3, the shortest that hole’s played all week, 51 yards shorter than it played in the second round, when Rory McIlroy rinsed a tee shot there. The pin’s tucked hard on the back-left edge.