Age is just a number


TURNBERRY, Scotland – It seems that Tom Watson may be doing a 180.
He was asked earlier in the week about the R&A's restriction that won't allow past champions to play past 60. That means next year at St. Andrews will be the final British Open for the 59-year-old Watson.
'When Peter Dawson [chief executive of the R&A] called me to tell me I said, 'Peter, I think that's a sensible decision. I think there's a certain age limit; you've got to let the younger kids play,'' Watson said Wednesday.
Being in contention may have changed Watson's mind. He was asked again Friday following Round 2 if he believes that Dawson should reconsider the restriction.
'Why don't you talk to Peter about it,' Watson said coyly.
After looking into the regulation more, there is a provision that gives a winner an automatic 10-year exemption. So if Watson shocks the world and collects a sixth Claret Jug here at Turnberry, he can play until he's 69.