Alfredsson under fire for helicopter comments


Former major champion Helen Alfredsson is under scrutiny for comments she made Thursday during the broadcast of the Dubai Ladies Masters.

Alfredsson, who retired from competitive golf earlier this year, compared the helicopter pilot circling the golf course in Dubai to the pilot of the helicopter that crashed into a pub in Glasgow, Scotland last week, killing nine people.

Criticism for the Swede's comments quickly grew throughout various social media circles, and Sky Sports - which is broadcasting the event this week in the U.K. - issued a statement in response.

"Sky Sports offered coverage of the Dubai Ladies Masters tournament on Thursday with live pictures and commentary provided by a world feed broadcaster, supported by presentation from our own studios in London," the statement read. "Sky has no control over the commentary from the event, which is shared by a number of international broadcasters, and we were shocked at the unacceptable comments made by one of the analysts.

"As soon as coverage switched back to our studio in London, our presenter David Livingstone apologized and we reiterate our apology for the offense caused by these comments," the statement continued. "We have also expressed our strong concerns to the world feed broadcaster."

Shortly after the crash last week, Steve Elkington received criticism for comments he made about the accident on Twitter, for which he later issued an apology.