Allenby fine with making Tour fines public


Champions Tuesday on “Morning Drive” felt more like “Tuesday with Allenby” as the Australian filled in as co-host for Gary Williams.

The Tour veteran was asked his opinion on a variety of subjects, from publicizing punishments and sanctions on Tour:

“I don’t have a problem with making it public. If you make a fool of yourself than why shouldn’t everyone find out,” Allenby said. “Look at Tiger Woods. He’s under the thumb every time he goes out and plays. He can’t even pick his own nose without someone watching him.”

To the Tour’s long-held aversion to appearance fees:

“It’s happened, I’ve seen it,” he said. “Where a bunch of the top players have gone to a special place to go play golf and then they go play the tournament. It doesn’t happen every week, but it has happened three or five times a year.”