Am Tour: One competitive couple


PONTE VEDRA BEACH, Fla. -- A lot of competitors brought their wives and girlfriends this week to the Am Tour Senior National Championships at TPC Sawgrass and Ponte Vedra Inn & Club.

But while many of the gals are spending their days on the beach as their man competes on the course, Lynn and Lu Cormier serve as a rare couple where both are in the field. Lu, in the Sr. Sarazen flight, is among a handful of women in the field, while Lynn is competing in the Championship flight.

The two admit they're hooked on competitive golf (the National Championship is their 18th event on Am Tour this year), but when they married, only Lu played the game. 

'I told her she could get rid of her clubs,' said Lynn. 'Because I'd never get on the golf course.' Golf stayed on the back burner as the two raised children. But when the kids left the nest, golf was reintroduced. 

'We visited some friends and they took us on the course and I got hooked,' said Lynn.

Lynn, 59, is an inspiration to anyone who thinks that picking up the game late in life means you can't excel. In six years playing golf, he says a heavy dose of lessons and competition has helped him scale the handicap ladder. His index on tour is now a 4.1. Among his 2012 highlights was winning the Championship Flight at the La Cantera Resort Course, shooting a 78. He also has two 74s this season, one of which won him the crown at River Ridge.

Lu, a 15.8 handicap on tour, won the Western Classic major tournament at Las Vegas Paiute, thanks to a blistering second round 80 after a 98 on the first day. She also won the Teravista Open in Round Rock and the La Cantera Classic.

Originally from Louisiana before moving to Sugarland, the Cormier's 2012 season on Am Tour has also included trips to Las Vegas and numerous trips to the Texas Hill Country. They agree that golf is almost always the focal point of their vacations.

'We went to Puerto Rico for the [Am Tour] major a couple years ago,' she said .'Our friends asked if we did any site-seeing. We didn't. We played golf every day, that's all we do.'

Lu and Lynn won't see much of each other during the day this week as they compete in different flights in a different course rotation. But the two enjoy playing together in regular games at at Sweetwater Country Club in Sugarland.

'I just learned I can't coach her,' admitted Lynn. 'Never coach your wife.'


Lynn Cormier shown with his hardware at the Kerrville Championship, while Lu won at Teravista Golf Club.