Amused and confused Solheim underdogs


SUGAR GROVE, Ill. – European Solheim Cup captain Alison Nicholas couldn’t help herself when told what Juli Inkster said about the European squad.

In Tuesday’s news conferences, Inkster paid this compliment to the Euros: “One of the best teams they’ve ever had is this year.”

On Wednesday, Nicholas reacted with a hearty chuckle. She didn't quite know what to make of it.

“That is quite funny,” Nicholas said. “Kind of interesting.”

Nicholas laughed because she said everything she’s reading paints the Europeans as overmatched.

How has that affected her team?

“Motivating, I would think,” Nicholas said. “I read things, but it doesn’t worry me what anyone else says. It’s what I think and my team thinks.

“You can write things on paper and say these players are better than these players because of what they’ve won, but match play is a great leveler.”