An unpoven bunch


SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – So much for that fleeting storyline about the decline of American golf. In stark contrast to the Yankee Doodle Disappearance last month at St. Andrews, U.S. players hold eight of the top 13 spots on the PGA Championship’s 54-hole leaderboard. Six of the eight are in search of their first major title, and of those six, only Dustin Johnson can look you in the eye and claim to have contended on a major Sunday.

We all know how that one turned out, and we probably shouldn’t kid ourselves into thinking it couldn’t happen again. Think back to no further than Saturday, which began with Matt Kuchar up by one but ended with him down by six. There are four weeks a year when leads are tougher to sleep on than a prison mattress, and if this group of frontrunners represents pro golf’s not-so-distant future, I can’t recall a more unproven bunch.

Those arriving at Whistling Straits early this morning didn’t need a degree in meteorology to detect the strongest breeze of the week – definitely in the two-club-wind category. We’re not going to see the 66s and 67s that reshaped Saturday’s leaderboard. Tougher scoring + final-round nerves = 82, as Johnson will attest, but I suspect lots of backpedaling this afternoon. A day to remember for one, a day to forget for others.