And before we leave


SAN FRANCISCO – Parting shots from Harding Park.

-The only thing more chilly than the weather last week was the oft icy glares from players waiting for their opponent to concede that 3-footer, Retief Goosen’s “confusion” on the 18th green on Thursday being the low-water mark for the week. We could all use a little “good, good” in the game to speed things along, but this is for country. Putt ’em all out and we won’t have to worry about Goosen’s attention deficit disorder.

-Word is some Internationals groused about the behavior of a few fans at Harding Park. We’ve watched these team exhibitions from Ireland to Kentucky and can honestly say there was nothing heard or seen last week that caused us to double-take.

-Both captains were asked about returning to skipper their teams at the 2011 Presidents Cup in Australia. As badly as Greg Norman seemed to handle some parts of his tenure the idea of a Shark-Boom Boom II bout is appealing. That is, of course, as long as Couples can convince Michael Jordan to sign back on as an assistant captain. It should be no problem, Royal Melbourne, site of the ’11 matches, is a private club and No. 23 can smoke all the cigars he wants.