The artsy side of Michelle Wie


Michelle Wie Blog

Michelle Wie models a 'Michael Jackson-inspired jacket' on her blog.

Michelle Wie loves thrift stores.

She says you never know what you will find there and “a great amount of my outfits are from thrift stores.”

Wie is making clothes from thrift-shop discoveries. That’s one of the revelations you’ll find on 'A Black Flamingo,' her new blog. There’s a subtitle to the Web site: “A mindless blog about life . . . and the stuff that doesn’t quite fit in.” Wie doesn’t actually attach her name to the site, but she directed her followers from Twitter to her new site, which is focused on her love of art and fashion.

Wie is clearly the model in several photos of fashion designs she made from clothing she found at thrift shops, though the photos obscure her face, creating some mystery.